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Lew from Hope

In October 2017 TDC told us this, “Our share of the dam’s capital cost would be $26.8 million.”
TDC's share of the project cost is now $100 million and it is highly likely to be more before the dam is finished. We say that the irrigation businesses which will use 85% or more of the water should be picking up their fair share of this. If you agree then come to the protest meeting.
8:30 am 1st April outside TDC HQ, Queen St, Richmond. And pass the message on to all your friends.

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19 minutes ago

FAQs answered: Do I need a CV?

Hannah Cunningham from Volunteer Marlborough

A lot of people ask us if they need a CV to start volunteering. For the most part, the answer is no. You won't need a CV for the chat with Volunteer Marlborough, and most volunteer organisations won't ask to see a CV.
However, if you're applying to volunteer on a board of trustees or a committee, or for a few other roles, the organisation may ask for a CV or referees once you've completed your initial application.

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19 hours ago

Help needed please

Melissa from Hope

Hi Neighbours! I am the Nelson Co-ordinator for the charity 4thekidz. We supply comfort packs to children who have been interviewed in relation to abuse or suffering from trauma. We couldn’t do this without donations from generous members of the public who donate items needed to complete the packs. The items are teddies, blankets, torches, colouring items for younger children & journals & pens for older children. If you would like to help please feel free to get in touch! Many thanks, Melissa Gallagher 021 882 891

20 hours ago

Great deals

Coral Stewart from Red Cross Shop Blenheim

Blenheim Red Cross shop on Maxwell Road has a SALE SALE SALE on this week and next with children’s clothing at 50% discount. Lots of warm winter pyjamas.
We also have in stock on a regular basis alcohol based hand sanitizer gel. It’s non greasy and smells lovely. Currently offered to you at a very good price of $5 each or 2 for $8.