52 days ago

Semi Permanent Caravan Spot

Erin from Blenheim

Hi Neighbours
I'm currently awaiting a new caravan (about 6 meters long) from the UK that I will be living in. At this stage I'm just putting some feelers out to see if anyone has a corner of a property or knows someone who wouldn't mind having a caravan parked up semi permanently. Just one single lady coming up 40 with solar power and a back up generator. The only thing that would be particularly handy to have access to is a tap with clean drinking water. I'm hoping to have it kitted out and ready to go just after Easter as long as there are no more delays.
Thanks for your time

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9 hours ago

Is there still a need for a post office/shop?

The Team Reporter from Marlborough Express

If there was a post shop, would you use it?
Have written letters totally made way for emails and social media connections, or is there still a place for the services that a traditional post office provides?
Elderly residents who are not techno-savvy, or don't use modern technology have to travel distances to post their letters.
What do you think is the solution?

2 days ago

Where do you think would be a good place to put a speed camera?

The Team Reporter from Marlborough Express

Are speedsters in your neighbourhood making life unsafe for your kids and pets? If you could put a speed camera up, where would you put it?
(Please type NFP if you don't want your comments used in an article in your local newspaper.)

12 hours ago

GIVEAWAY - Free tickets to Environment Awards Dinner

Bev from North Blenheim

Be in to win two seats at the Cawthron Marlborough Environment Awards dinner tomorrow night (April 23). Available due to cancellation. Value $180. Sorry, no dietary requirements can be catered for at this stage.
Giveaway on Facebook: