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Keeping yourself well while working from home

TBI Health - Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Blenheim

Are you currently working from home? It’s time to make sure your set-up is keeping you well, physically and mentally. Here are our top tips to making it work, long-term.

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Chill Your Bills with NZ Compare!

CEO from NZ Compare

"It’s been chilly hasn’t it Neighbours? Has your internet froze when you’re streaming all your fave shows on rainy weekends or maybe the power bill has gone crazy from trying to keep snug?!

Don't stress, we’ve got a tonne of awesome broadband and power deals to chill your bills instead of your wallet. Think BIG joining credits, cheap broadband, beneficial power plans and more. Limited time only, DEALS END 30th AUGUST 2022! BE QUICK!

It’s easy, just sit down over a hot cuppa or a beer – whatever tickles your fancy and take a look here. We’ll do the rest for you!"
Grab a deal

7 days ago

Can You Help .... I am looking for preloved laptops or tablets that are either working or not that you are willing to donate ...

Nigel from Brightwater

Hi everyone

Please can you help me ..... I would like to obtain some preloved laptop computers that can be cleaned up and refurbished so that I can pass on to those who do not have one.

If you can help me out and do have a laptop computer sitting around gathering dust would you please consider donating it so that it can be passed on to someone that doesn't have one.

Please be assured that any data on the machine will be thoroughly removed and will not be accessible after it has been cleaned and refurbished.

Call or text me ... Nigel Bailey ... 0223243695 if you can help.

Thank you
Nigel Bailey

1 day ago

Grovetown Lagoon

Jyn from Volunteer Marlborough

Join a group of passionate people who are enhancing the habitat for fish and bird life at Grovetown Lagoon.

💙 Wednesdays, 9:30 - 11:30
💙 Join once, occasionally, or every week.
💙 You are welcome to bring your own tools but this is not necessary.

🔗 Read more and apply online by clicking the 'read more' button below.

To contact us:
• 03 577 9388