189 days ago

Flooding in the Marlborough Sounds due to climate change

Thomas Campbell Reporter from Marlborough Midweek

Marlborough has experienced significant amounts of flooding throughout the year with roads, gardens and community facililites swamped. This is what Climate Change in the Malborough Sounds looks like.

What do you think the Malborough Regional Council should be doing about it?

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5 hours ago

Looking for Board in Blenheim

Doug from Blenheim

I have one bedroom available share rest of house.
Cheap rent for right person in return for helping with the household chores etc
Prefer a none smoker older age female looking for board in Blenheim
Any inquiries or more info ph 035788046 or email db.cunniffe@gmail.com

21 hours ago

Breast Cancer Foundation NZ

Breast Cancer Foundation NZ

Come together for good with friends, whānau and workmates by hosting a Pink Ribbon Breakfast this May. You’ll be joining thousands of Kiwis around the country to raise vital funds for Breast Cancer Foundation NZ.

You can host any time in May, and by taking part, you’ll be helping fund ground-breaking work by some of our country’s top breast cancer researchers, educate people about breast health, and provide free support services for breast cancer patients and their families.

What are you waiting for! Sign up today.
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3 days ago

Do you think there needs to be a clamp-down on driver's who use their mobile phones while driving?

The Team Reporter from Marlborough Express

Under the Land Transport Rule, it's illegal for driver's to use their hand-held mobile device to make, receive or terminate a telephone call; create, send or read a text message or email; create, send or view a video message or communicate in a similar or any other way.
Penalties are an $80 fine and 20 demerit points.
Drivers can use a mobile phone to make a call while driving only if it is an emergency situation and unsafe or impracticable to stop the vehicle to make the call.
Have you had any close-calls as a result of driver's using their mobile phones?
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