27 days ago

How to be more Neighbourly...

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

Being Neighbourly is a lot more than just signing up to the website. It’s about taking the next step and being helpful and friendly to those around you. There are loads of different ways to be Neighbourly - here are a few suggestions from us.

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1 hour ago

wanted, someone to cut and bale hay. into small bales.

Anne from Blenheim

hello, all
any one know of any person that could cut and bale hay into conventional bales for us? area would be riverlands. 1 acre.
please contact martin Clifford

12 days ago

What do you think of chemicals found in Marlborough water?

Alice Angeloni Reporter from Marlborough Express

A new study has found sunscreen, sweetener and chemicals have trickled from Marlborough's sewerage system into its drinking water and irrigation supplies.

What do you make of this?

14 hours ago

Poll: What's the best way to eat a pavlova?

Sophie Trigger Reporter from Marlborough Express

It's pavlova eating season! What's your favourite thing to put on a pavlova?


What's the best way to eat a pavlova?
  • 21.1% Berries
    21.1% Complete
  • 0% Other fruits
    0% Complete
  • 15.8% Cream
    15.8% Complete
  • 52.6% Anything and everything
    52.6% Complete
  • 10.5% I don't eat pavlova
    10.5% Complete
19 votes