33 days ago

Dangerous driving.

Trina from Blenheim

Crazy driving between Rai Valley and Blenheim. This car overtook twice on a yellow line. I was following a truck but couldn't pass on the yellow line, the road was clear and the yellow line just finished so I indicated to overtake but this car which was two cars behind me flew past me while I was in the process of overtaking and nearly drove me off the road. Dangerous driving. Do you know this car. Shame on you driver. Also so it cross the white line near Canvas Town and got the speed wobbles.

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4 hours ago

"Tis the season to support local"


“Wouldn’t it be great if there was a central directory of locally-made, ethically-produced and upcycled gift ideas?

Well, hold the phone - Makers & Local by Ecomailbox have done exactly this, and it’s EPIC! There’s gifts broken into categories, DIY ideas, an eco advent calendar, social enterprises to support, low-waste gift wrapping inspo, and even gorgeous must-see beaches to explore over summer.

Plus 24 of NZ’s eco bloggers have shared their tips for a Merry Mindful Christmas. From great crafty activities, DIY gifts & acts of kindness to celebrate the festive month of December more mindfully and sustainably.

Read more in the Makers & Local guide now.
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14 hours ago

Poll: Lowering speed from 100kmh to 40kmh

Rahul Bhattarai Reporter from Marlborough Express

Kids campaign to lower speed limit to 40kmh from 100kmh outside their school because they don't want to be "squished".

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Lowering speed from 100kmh to 40kmh
  • 50% Drop it down!
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  • 42.9% Nah leave it as it is - just be careful.
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  • 7.1% I don't mind.
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14 hours ago

What foods claim to be healthy but aren't?

The team Reporter from Marlborough Express

Consumer NZ has released its list of the top 10 bad foods that claim to be healthy including sugary cereals and salt-laden noodles. What do you think of the list? What else is bad but claims to be healthy?