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14 hours ago

Australian Bushfire Relief Fundraiser

Australian Bushfire Relief

This community event will be held at Bruce Pulman Park, Takanini on Sunday the 2nd of February from 1pm-4pm with the purpose to raise money for Redcross Australia and Wildlife Emergency Fund.

The fundraiser will be frontlined by artists Rob Ruha, Written By Wolves, and Tone6 with many more performers and over 1000 people expected to attend. Attendees will experience an afternoon of entertainment, food trucks, dance groups, kapa haka and Pasifika groups while Relief Fund collectors are stationed to collect donations.

For more information please contact Jay McLaren Harris,, 0226557398.

20 hours ago

Watch out for bluebottle jellyfish at Muriwai beach

Brittany Keogh Reporter from Nor-west News

Hi neighbours, at least 17 people were stung by bluebottle jellyfish at Muriwai on Monday. Thousands of people were at the beach that day, despite a warning being posted on Auckland Council's Safeswim website about a large number of jellyfish being in the water.
The beach goers who were stung received first aid treatment from lifeguards. Bluebottle jellyfish stings cause whip-like red welts that can last for up to three days. They can be extremely painful, so make sure you watch out for them and check for warnings.

1 day ago

Female, 50, and looking for a job? Good luck

Kelly Dennett Reporter from Sunday Star Times

The Sunday Star-Times is investigating the difficulties of finding work when you're female and over 50. Anecdotally we are aware of women being shut out of the workforce around this time. If you can relate, and are willing to talk about your experience, please email