25 days ago

Looking for a cleaner

Ryan from Massey

Looking for recommendations for a reliable cleaner in Massey. Need a weekly clean.

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1 minute ago

Do more of what you love!

Murray Halberg Retirement Village

We'll pull the weeds, so you can play with your grandkids.

Experience our retirement villages: youtu.be...

34 minutes ago

What's On: Westfield Newmarket celebrates completion

Kate from Forrest Hill

Westfield Newmarket is hosting a four-day line-up of festivities, retailer offers, and live entertainment for the community to enjoy from Thursday 21 to Sunday 24 of November
Westfield Newmarket celebrates completion
  • Westfield Newmarket
1 hour ago

Reaching out to the masses for $1 or $2 donations to help an abused mum & her young family

Yvonne from Henderson

Hello there

I know I keep re-posting this week after week but as Christmas draws closer & closer I get more anxious & would really like spread some true Christmas joy to a family in need.

I am new to this Give A Little thing, but needed to do something to help someone very close to me, out of her current predicament. I have set up a Give A Little page for a very dear friend of mine & her young kids who have become victims of a situation that has left them homeless & with no car. If you wish to ask any questions or know more information I will reply to any messages I receive.

Below is the link to my Give a Little page. If you could please please please find it in your heart to forward the link to anyone you know who might also be willing to donate, that would be so very greatly appreciated. The faster I can hit my target, the sooner I can forward it onto her & her kids:


Thank you sincerely for taking the time to read my post & please, even if it's only to 1 or 2 people you know who might also be willing to donate, passing my post/link on, will help me tremendously in my quest.

Sincerest Regards