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Poll: Are you a Guy Fawkes fan?

The team from Neighbourly.co.nz

Guy Fawkes is coming up on November 5, with fireworks going on sale next weekend.

Are you looking forward to fireworks displays? Will you be buying your own to let off?

Are you a Guy Fawkes fan?
  • 10.8% Yes - I'll be buying fireworks
    10.8% Complete
  • 63.7% No - I think fireworks should be banned
    63.7% Complete
  • 25.4% Yes - But I'm not planning on buying fireworks
    25.4% Complete
3090 votes
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3 minutes ago

When did you last update your family photos?

Lesley from Stonefields

With a fully portable photography studio, I come to your home on the weekend at a time to suit your busy family schedule.

Only 3 sessions remain in 2019 (15, 21 and 22 December) for my 2 hour family photography package.

Package is for up to six people (pets welcome) with your choice of backdrop as shown, white with pink, blue or neutral theme or Christmas. Photography packages, for a minimum of 10 high resolution digital images start at $350.

Travel charge applies if you live north of Silverdale, west of Huapai, south of Takanini.

Payment options: credit card or bank transfer.

Contact lesley@lesleywhytephotography.co.nz to book your family photos.

6 days ago

Swimming warnings at Auckland beaches

The team from Neighbourly.co.nz

Auckland Council has alerted beach-goers to 39 city spots that have a "high risk" of illness from swimming.

The warnings come after yesterday's deluge of rain that overloaded parts of the storm and wastewater networks. A black alert indicating a very high risk of illness from swimming was issued for Castor Bay just after 3pm yesterday.

It's recommended that people do not enter the water while the warnings are in place.
Check here to see where's safe to swim.
Source: NZ Herald

4 days ago

Cat trap

Kevin from Kohimarama

Does anyone have a cat trap they can lend me? An unknown cat has just ruined five or six new seedlings in my garden and I am not happy. I intend to treat the cat kindly and transport it to the SPCA. This has been going on for weeks. Today's disaster is the final straw. It's not the cat's fault but I am sick of neighbour's cats using my garden to shit in and make a mess. Needless to say they will also be hunting birds.