7 days ago

Station road Papatoetoe

Derek from Papatoetoe

Really no parking for the full length of station road now. Is this really needed.

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16 days ago

Your thoughts: Fuel tax hike of 20 cents a litre

Kymberlee Fernandes Reporter from Manukau Courier

The Government is proposing a fuel tax increase of between nine and 12 cents a litre to fund a raft of new land transport plans.
Auckland Council plans to introduce about 10 cents a litre in regional fuel taxes to pay for major transport projects.
What do you think about these tax hikes? Will it affect the way you commute? Will it deter you from using your car as often?
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11 minutes ago

Is red-light running becoming commonplace?

Kymberlee Fernandes Reporter from Manukau Courier

Hey neighbours,
Have you noticed more people running red lights? At which intersections does it happen most often?
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21 hours ago

Family Doctor, Flat Bush Medical Centre

Hubert from Flat Bush

I am Dr Hubert D’Cruze, the Family Doctor (GP) at the newly established Flat Bush Medical Centre at 201 Murphys Road. We offer a wide range general practice services. Please come and visit us and meet our friendly staff. Please call us on 09 930 8314 if you have any queries and visit our website www.flatbushmedicalcentre.co.nz...
You can also find us on Healthpoint website. I look forward to seeing you soon.