278 days ago

Fresh FIJI river prawns

Depak from Manurewa

I will be bringing in fresh mountain river prawns from fiji. These are not farmed or fed in any way. My aim is to bring them into new zealand within a week so it is fresh as can be. I will be bringing in about 200kgs every month or so. To those of you who know about fiji prawns will know that it is very different from prawns sold here. Nothing beats it.Since this is a new thing for me i would like to know how many people would be interested rather then me having to sell at markets.


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5 days ago

Grace Millane RIP

Lorna from Papatoetoe

How could this happen to a Beautiful young woman in our Country she got through South America and came to our Country and SHOULD HAVE BEEN SAFE. My thoughts and prayers go out to her Family.

3 days ago

Can you feed a family of five on $60 a week?

Georgia Reporter from Stuff

Hi neighbours,

Are you in need of some tips for cutting down your grocery bill? Auckland blogger Stacey Sampson might be able to help.

After a financial emergency drained her and her husband of all their savings, they were left with just $60 in their bank account to feed their three kids.

Now every month she does a "cheap week" that helps cut costs and minimise food wastage. To read about Stacey and her food tips, click here.

"This month we've done it twice to save some extra for Christmas," she says.

Is this something that you do in your family? Or is it something you'd like to try? Share your thoughts, or your own grocery tips to help your neighbours, in the replies below.
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5 hours ago

Be ready for 2019 with Resene

The Team from Resene ColorShop Manukau

Christmas is super busy! But so is going into the new year & what comes with it, back to work, back to school, new year new me! So why not create your own handy wall planner & easily keep track of your family’s schedule. Once you’re done simply use whiteboard markers to write on it, then wipe off & update as needed. Easy to create with Resene testpots & Resene Write-on Wall Paint. Make the most of your weekend with this easy step by step project idea from Resene.