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For new or beginner home brewers!

Catherine from Fairview Heights

Hi everyone, I want to open up a discussion...

A year ago, my mate Nathan and I were talking about our passions. Mine was climbing and his was home brewing. He recounted his struggles when he first started brewing - The lack of guidance and scattered information was overwhelming and he almost quit after a few failed attempts. As a designer and a person passionate about helping others find their passions, I wanted home brewing to be the first community I help grow based on what I've heard.

Since then, I've personally created a few brews! With Nathan by my side, my now business partner, none have failed (Yaay!). Perhaps I should have done them myself to understand the pain beginners feel... but what it taught me was how straightforward brewing could be. Yet, during the course of my brewing journey, 2 of my friends failed their first batch and gave up.

Nathan and I have created Brewers Clan - A digital platform that helps beginner home brewers brew right the first time. We’re currently in the discovery phase and have built a few features to further discover pains points.

If you’re a beginner home brewer, what are you struggling with?

For established home brewers, what are the most common beginner mistakes you all run into?

If you're keen, join our waitlist for a guided brewing experience once we launch:

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Nency from Torbay - Long Bay

Anyone have any fire wood??

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Warm welcome to Competenz!

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

We're very excited to announce Competenz as our new Neighbourly partner. Competenz is an Industry Training Organisation and helps people develop their skills on the job.

We truly believe in the work they do to help people gain apprenticeships, build their skills and work alongside New Zealand businesses.

Please join us in welcoming Competenz and stay tuned for job listings and other exciting content!
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