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Painter needed west auckland

Harif from Rothesay Bay

Hi. I need a painter to paint the whole interior of the property at sunnyvale area ie. wall and ceiling.
Anyone can suggest a good, reliable and reasonable painter?
Thank you.

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Baby Boomers Looking for a Venue.

Nick from Torbay - Long Bay

A group of ‘mature musicians’ are seeking a venue, three to four times per year.

The ‘Capo Club’ [pronounced Car–po] is based upon the concept of:

“Live from Daryl's House” and here are some video examples:


The club is a mix of:
Teachers - Nurses - Accountants - Tele communications - I. T. - Media - Private business owners.

There are currently 12 musicians, who are not seeking any payment- just a location to enjoy music. Occasional guest performers could also be present. Some musicians would need to travel or fly into Auckland to attend.

The idea is for this to be family friendly so, your friends and relatives could be present to watch and listen to live music.

Do you have a venue similar to the example shown, or a large space - barn - hall - cosy home room - factory - available, preferably on the North Shore?

Soft furnishings are preferred rather than hard concrete surfaces due to the audio reverberation. Any lighting or P A systems will be provided by the club.

Please contact Nick on 0274972579 or email:

Thank you

3 hours ago

After school carer required.

Alexander from Browns Bay

Our 5-year-old starts at Sherwood next Monday, and we are looking for someone who could pick him up and look after him for a couple of hours on Mondays and Thursdays.
If you can assist please call Alex or Nit on 0272256488