114 days ago

Police Chopper

Clint from Three Kings

Has anyone noticed just how loud the Police Eagle chopper has become? We seem to be woken at all hours of the night in Central Auckland. I’m constantly expecting a perpetrator to leap our fence at any time! Totally understand the police have a critical job to perform. Just wondering if there is any way to mitigate the sleep disruption? Earplugs? Drones? Interested to know if this is affecting you?

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1 day ago

Cafe sign telling staff to speak English 'may breach workers' rights'

Melanie Earley Reporter from Central Leader

Kia ora neighbours, Circus Circus cafe has been criticised for telling employees to speak English at all times "out of respect for colleagues".

6 hours ago

Local TV aerial & IT services

Abdol from TV Singal Solutions Ltd.

Afternoon everyone,

We do setup/install TVs and fix on the wall, install aerial and all the cabeling with troubleshooting.

Also, Install mesh WiFi to cover every corner of the houses.

Contact number. Abdol 0220746441

6 hours ago

Market Update, 28th May 2020

Bret from Bret and Donna - UP Real Estate.

With LVRs (Loan to Value Ratios) now gone and interest rates continuing to trickle down it really is a wonderful time for buyers to become homeowners. The market is returning to normal activity post Covid-19 restrictions, as people's circumstances evolve. Our expectation is that market values will be robust on the back of low-interest rates, fuelling both the purchaser's ability to buy and the seller's capacity to hold. Despite level 2 we continue to field solid enquiry and buyer interest. Inspections, offers and sales are all on the increase as we move into the new normal. There is no reason to be fearful about going to the market. What we read and hear about the market place, redundancies and business closures is not stopping people from getting on with their lives. As to market values in the areas we service, this very much depends on the type of property you are selling i.e. the demand for it, based on its amenity value and condition. In short, to apply an arbitrary comment is not appropriate, as every property/situation is different. What we can say is that from the start of lockdown until now, there is little evidence of any significant drop in values.