45 days ago

West Auckland restaurant recommendations please?

Gina from Te Atatu Peninsula

We've recently moved to Te Atatu Peninsula from the city and would love to know your go-to places out West for tasty, reasonably priced dinners out please? I bet there are some goodies out there somewhere and open to any cuisines. Thanks!

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4 minutes ago

What's On: Elei Dance

Charmaine from Te Atatu Peninsula

Elei Dance Siva Samoa Girls Fia Fia night will be held here from 6.30pm - 8.00pm. There will be live music, light refreshments. Free entry and Parking
Elei Dance
  • Te Atatu Peninsula Community Centre
12 hours ago

An Automated Voice Message From Spark? Another phone scam?

Matt from Henderson

Has anyone received a automated voice message from Spark as of lately? Our phone has been getting this quite recently. Has happened to us about 3 times now. I haven't been able to write the whole auto message so I don't know what the message has been about. Apparently my mum did hear the automated message more throughly and was saying that your broadband had been disconnected or something like that?, which was not true. Spark will not ring us or anyone regarding our broadband or our phone lines. It sounds like those phone calls about Microsoft. They say they want to look at your computer. You can say "No, but can I look at your computer?" Microsoft never rings you directly to have your computer checked.


2 hours ago

Traci: Stage 4 Cancer which is Terminal if not treatment of Immunotherapy

Sheralee Neighbourly Lead from Te Atatu Peninsula

We need your help! To all our wonderful supporters, we got some bad news this week. Traci isn't responding to chemo and her tumour has grown. Her only hope now is immunotherapy.

To help Traci, we've launched 'A Tenner for Traci!' appeal. We hope by appealing to a lot of people who can donate $5 Or $10, we can reach our goal. Thank you.