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Rick from Hauraki

YuanYuan has been chased away by cats. A large mature persian looking cat with long white fur and a smaller brown/black shorter haired cat. This answers as to why she has been running away. She has run away in the last 3 months 3x to:
Esmonde Road, Takapuna, Bottom by Takapuna beach of Hauraki Road, Hauraki Corner and to a parking building in Takapuna which was her last effort.
She can be picked up quite safety (short distance to a cage/box and will not hurt you or lash out at you). We will now have to get a very large cage for her. If anybody knows which house in Hart Road, Hauraki the cats come from please let us know. She is my 12 and 14 year old boys pet. Rick Ryan and Micky 0204-0203663

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What are you looking forward to at the traffic light system?

Josephine Franks Reporter from North Shore Times

Kia ora neighbours, the traffic lights are in sight and we'd love to know what you're most looking forward to once Aucklanders have more freedom. Maybe it's being reunited with family outside Auckland, going to the pub, or just being able to hang out inside a friend's house (and use their loo!). Comment below to share your thoughts - use NFP if you don't want it published - or email josephine.franks@stuff.co.nz

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Dreambaby Royal Converta 3-in-1 Playpen & Gate

Cathy from Hillcrest

Very good condition, no scratch, no stain

10 hours ago

What is wisdom teeth?

Dentist Auckland NZ, Milford

Wisdom teeth are the third set of molars that start to come through between 17-30 years. In some situations, this is quite troublesome and often requires urgent attention to be sort. The removal of wisdom teeth is a relatively common procedure performed by qualified and experienced dentists or oral surgeons.