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Poll: What's your secret for great tomatoes?

Jo McCarroll - NZ Gardener editor Reporter from NZ Gardener & Get Growing

In the October issue of NZ Gardener, we share 50 tips on tomatoes from keen gardeners all over the country, and it turns out a lot of people swear by adding a "secret ingredient" when they plant their favourite crop. All the suggestions below are from NZ Gardener readers ... do you use any of these yourself? Or do you have another tip for better toms you want to share in the comments?

What's your secret for great tomatoes?
  • 38.6% Compost
    38.6% Complete
  • 22.7% Sheep pellets
    22.7% Complete
  • 1.7% Milk powder
    1.7% Complete
  • 8.5% Epsom salts
    8.5% Complete
  • 2.6% Fish frames
    2.6% Complete
  • 0.7% Baking soda
    0.7% Complete
  • 8.1% Egg shells
    8.1% Complete
  • 4.3% Banana skins
    4.3% Complete
  • 2.1% Neem granules
    2.1% Complete
  • 1.2% Disprin
    1.2% Complete
  • 9.5% Something else (tell us in comments)
    9.5% Complete
422 votes
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Will you make the most of free public transport on Friday?

Neighbourly Reporter from Neighbourly.co.nz

Hi Neighbours,

To help more people get home safely on the last day of the work year for many, Auckland Transport is making all travel on buses and trains free from 4pm on Friday, December 21.

AT’s Group Manager Metro Service Delivery Stacey Van Der Putten said you can a have a drink after work, and you don’t even have to think about the car, just get the bus or the train.

“Also, if you’ve never used public transport in Auckland, this is a great opportunity to give it a go.”

What do you think about this offer? Will you use the offer?

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Pick your own strawberries

Gala Berry

Bring a hat and sun-block and pick your own strawberries fresh from the field. Explore the rows to find the sweetest, biggest strawberries. Take them home for yourself, friends and family to eat fresh or turn them into a frozen sensation. Make a day of it and bring a picnic!

Open 7 days from 26th December 9am to 5pm (including public Holidays)

EFTPOS facilities on site, off Street Parking 256 Omaha Flats Road.

After picking in the fields, enjoy real fruit ice-cream made from our own fruit and mixed before your eyes – available from our caravan at 256 Omaha Flats Road.
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Looking for a children’s safety gate

Ranjeeta from Forrest Hill

Does anyone has a children’s safety gate that they want to get rid of? Happy to pay a nominal price.