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Wondering Whats Happening in the market ?

Karin from Karin Attwood - The Real Estate Lady

For those of you wondering how the current property market is, here are the Key insights from the Real Estate NZ property report for MAY:

All-time average asking price highs in seven regions suggests that most vendors are still expecting high prices for their properties post lockdown.

Nationally 8,324 new property listings hit the market in May, down 12.0% compared to the same time last year.

Total housing stock decreased by 19.1% on May 2019 to 20,940 homes available on the market.

“May 2020 saw 1.2 million users visit www.realestate.co.nz... conducting over 9.1 million property searches, surpassing the 1.1 million users that visited the site in February 2020. Plus, we also saw the average session duration up last month by 30.0% to 8:29 minutes - two minutes higher than in February,” says Vanessa Taylor, spokesperson for realestate.co.nz.

So.... with buyers searching for new homes, and a limited amount of stock for them to choose from, if you have been thinking about downsizing your rental investment portfolio to free up some cash now could be a good time!

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Razor blades in the walls....

Kylie Klein Nixon Reporter from Homed

Has anyone ever seen something like the image below in an older Kiwi home? Does anyone remember them from their childhood? These strange slots allowed you to rid yourself of an old razor and never think of it again...but it also meant, years down the track, that someone renovating would be in for a nasty, rusty surprise.
I'm certain I've seen something like this here in Aotearoa-NZ, but can't for the life of me recall where. It was in the back of the medicine cupboard. Let us know if you've seen, had - or have - one in your home.

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We Say, You Say: Public Transport Fares

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

Mōrena Auckland,

What do you think about the incoming increased public transport fares?

On Monday, Auckland Council announced a 4 percent increase for peak-time travel with a discount approved for off-peak travel.

According to Auckland Transport (AT), some passengers would be paying an extra 35 cents per trip, with a daily maximum spend of $20 per day which for some, would mean an unlimited daily pass.

Former AT chairman Dr Lester Levy advocated for fare freezes have not been heeded in the 2021 review.

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My puppies Mukbang

Youngjin from Milford

My puppies Mukbang

Please see video