13 days ago

ASB Automatic money machine Eastridge stole my money

Andrea from Mission Bay

On the 24th April i withdrew $260.00 from my Superannuation for food shopping etc.I wanted the balance printed online and while the machine had issued my money i left it while i looked in my bag for my reading glasses to see the Balance and in this short period the machine had sucked my money back with a message saying "You will need to contact your bank''. It did thank god give my card back and because i had just been given my forthnighly pension i withdrew another $260.00 immediately after and grabbed it straight away.
On 26th April rang my bank Kiwi not ASB and therein lies the problem,had it happened with my kiwibank the money would have been put straight back in but kiwibank could only put in a request and said it would take approx up to 10 working days,it has now been 18 days.After ringing kiwi bank on 3 days after the 10 days were up they elevated the case and you would not believe the response from ASB---your request has been declined because there was NO SURPLUS OF FUNDS from the ATM machin,that's an ASB glitch with there machine not my fault.I rang ASB again because now kiwibank's hands are tied and told them to look at the CTV footage and my bank a/c would show the 2 transactions of the amount,i still was told it was a kiwibank problem,i want to scream and actually said to Jacob the ASB Supervisor that banks made 1 Billion dollars profit last year and was some of this profit due to the fact that they stole people's money? but he declined to comment on a "Hypothetical Question''. I cannot be the only one that has had this happen,let me know what you did to get your money back? thank you

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Uplands Kindergarten

Head Teacher from Uplands Kindergarten

We are very proud of the tradition of our 4-year-old programme at Uplands Kindergarten. This has been part of our DNA for many, many years. Our local school new entrant teachers really appreciate the abilities and skills Uplands alumni bring to their classrooms. Pop in any time to visit us. We welcome children from 2-5 years of age.

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What's On: APO Friends Meet The Artist

Bryce from Auckland Central

A recital from "Strings on the Streets", a quartet of University of Auckland Performance students, chosen as APO "Aspiring Musicians"; followed by a discussion and demonstration with Richard Panting, Luthier.
APO Friends Meet The Artist
  • Ellerslie War Memorial Community Centre
4 days ago

Looking for art advice

Hazel from Glendowie


I'm a creative person who makes alot of art. (Water colour prints, abstract shoes, I dabble in a bit of everything)

I'm interested in selling my work. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice on how to go about selling my art? Is there any platforms you would recommend to use to sell? Any advice would be muchly appreciated!