13 days ago

Temporary or permanent Accommodation

Anoushka from Orakei

Hi there!!
My name is Anoushka. I am 23 years old and I am needing accommodation from the end of January onwards. I am very easy as to whether it is temporary or more permanent. At the moment I am living in a studio flat attached to someone’s house and that has worked really well! I am honest and reliable and have great references. I am not a party animal, in fact I would rather be in bed by 9:30 😂 I have no commitments other then my job as a carpet cleaner/flood restoration work, which I do 3 days. I do voluntary work the other days which I absolutely love. Even if you were going away for a few months and needed a house sitter I would also be open for that option as well!

Thank you so much for reading this and I would love to hear from you very soon!


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5 days ago

Shower Seat

Jan from Remuera

My husband will be in plaster until Mid January. Does anyone have a Shower Seat to sell.

2 days ago

Madills Farm bike track

Cathy McIntosh from Ōrākei Local Board

Notice to the Kohimarama community: Council officers have conducted a comprehensive health & safety assessment of the unauthorised bike track at Madills Farm Recreation Reserve, the results clearly show unacceptable levels of risk for both users of the track and visitors to the reserve, as a result the track needs to be removed. Whilst we understand that the track has been a great respite for children and parents during lockdown, we cannot overlook the health & safety assessment, damage to the reserve or concerning levels of antisocial behaviour at the site. In the new year we will work with the community on how to increase/improve bike activity opportunities. We request that Madills Farm is now left to regrow and recover. Any materials at the track site which owners want to pick-up, should be removed before Monday 6 December.

4 hours ago

UPDATE: Gas Supply Service now offer the MARKET price after being caught out!

Bernard from Glendowie

TOO late... trust is at question here ! And what about everybody else? Don't they deserve the same lower rate offer? Or maybe they don't! Just asking?