27 days ago

Furniture needed ASAP

Vai from Glen Innes

Helping a friend and her newborn move into her new home . Anyone selling cheap furniture? Needing Dinning Table, bed, coffee table, couches, home appliances, kitchenware. Thank you !!!

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6 hours ago

Extending inside living to outside

The Louvre Company

Hi Neighbours,

We provide motorised roof louvres, from start to finish. A motorised roof louvre is a roof that can open and close, has an integrated gutter system and is operable via remote control. We also do fixed louvres and operable louvres.

Pay 50% deposit and get 10% off quoted price. Valid till 31st August 2020. NZ made and Designed.

0800 852 669 (TLD NOW)
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6 hours ago

Cassette player wanted

Cam from St Heliers

Recently unearthed a box packed with cassette tapes from college and uni days. Teen son wants to have a listen to this "vintage" collection, even though most of the music can be downloaded online. Anyone have a walkman or cassette radio gathering dust they can part with? Thanks!

8 hours ago

Support small business

Loks Neighbourly Lead from Stonefields

Every little helps