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2 days ago


Janine from Saint Johns

Hi Neighbours being a female it's hard to find a good fair mechanic who will not take advantage of us when we need our car fixed. I'm looking for a mechanic to fix a transmission leak but i seem to be getting some ridiculous prices. I was told its the seal. I took my car in for a check just after covid and paid for the check. It went in with no leak! And it came back to me with a leak after they topped it up with fluid. That was not a problem I originally had. Now it's a problem! Can you help recommend someone please. My car is my pride and joy. But I don't want to pay a arm and a leg for it.😣 just want a fair price. Thank you.

2 hours ago

Ant Problems?🐜🐜

Jack from KO PEST

Waking up to a bathroom full of ANTS?
For ANY Ant Problems contract Jack at KO PEST to knockout these guys👊

2 hours ago

Carpet Repair Man Ltd 0274760576

Elizabeth from Carpet Repair Man Ltd

Small patch at top of the stairs due to being torn from a sharp object. Ph Grant on 0274760576