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Christmas Drinks @ Circular Economy Event

Isy Harris from Zero Waste Network

Join Zero Waste Network this December to learn, connect and celebrate the start of the festive season. Let toast to our 2019 zero waste wins!

5.30-8.30pm 12th December 2109
Sustainable Coastlines
55 Madden Street, Auckland

RSVP: isy@zerowaste.co.nz

Explore and understand all aspects of the circular economy, from design to recovery. Hear from our special guest Future Post, Abilities and (one more to be announced) who are creating a thriving circular economy in Aotearoa.

The circular economy is an alternative to throw-away thinking and our ‘make-use-dispose’ economic model. In a circular economy waste has been designed out of the system, no excess is produced and all resources are recovered. A circular economy is restorative and regenerative by design and recognises the intrinsic value of all living things and the ecosystems that sustain life. It creates strong, resilient and equitable communities where people have what they need to live happy and fulfilling lives.

Through our Circular Economy events we are building connections between all parts of the supply, use and recovery chain. Join us to learn, share and connect with others on this journey.

All are welcome!
Limit spaces.
Please RSVP by emailing isy@zerowaste.co.nz

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Work available

Michael from Glendowie

Is there any work available this weekend from 12 pm on Saturday onwards?? Also on this Sunday I can do some extra help. I leave back to Dunedin on the 9th of February so trying to rack up some cash before studies commence.

- hedge cutting
- garden maintenance/ weeds / digging/ planting
- removing garage items
- washing cleaning anything
- dog walking
- baby sitting on nights out

Literally anything I am reliable and flexible. I have a car I can use and would love to find some work as soon as possible.


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Do you have bunions and think that surgery is the only answer?

Corrective Foot Solutions

Bunions affect 1 in 3 New Zealanders they can lead to pain and discomfort, which affects mobility, balance and quality of life. That’s not to mention the look of them and the difficulty of fitting shoes.

We’ve decided to run a special offer for people with bunions - “Bunion Evaluation” for only $33 (worth $85). Offer valid 30/01/20 - 29/02/20.

Many doctors and podiatrists believe that surgery is the only way to fix a bunion. This is not true. Bunion surgery is painful and doesn’t address the underlying cause of a bunion, which is generally the way we walk and stand. Ideally, surgery should be considered as the last treatment option for bunions.

At Corrective Foot Solutions, we use a gentle, hands-on technique to effectively treat and correct bunions – which means there’s no need for surgery or orthotics. We use Foot Mobilisation Therapy to correct the underlying cause of your bunion by working on the misalignments in the foot, as well as strengthening the weakened muscles around the joints.

Pop in and see us at 272 level 3b Parnell Rd, Parnell, Auckland or give us a call on 092129250.
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Do you Need a Bathroom Makeover? Call The Building Guys.

The Building Guys

Need a bathroom and laundry makeover? Call our friendly team today!

We focus on high-quality home improvements with our speciality being your dream kitchen, bathroom and laundry makeover. We promise quality work and to give a fair price.

If you need professional friendly people to help you transform any room or space in your house then call us today!

Check our Website or Book Appointment
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