1430 days ago

Do you have an unwanted kid's bike helmet?

Rotary Club of Auckland East

The Rotary Club of Auckland East has had a call from Glen Innes primary schools for children's bike helmets. Many children are riding bikes - but helmets are a scarce resource. Can you help? Do you have an unused bike helmet? Like to re-cycle it to children in need? Drop me a reply and I'll arrange pick-up. best regards. Dennis Millard. President, Rotary Auckland East. www.rotaryaucklandeast.club...

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2 days ago

$70 off HelloFresh

Claire from Meadowbank

I have just received an email from HelloFresh with the ability for me to give up to 20 people $70 off their first order. If you would like the link let me know your email address ASAP so I can email through to you. First 20 people to request it either in comments or via PM will be emailed the link.

1 day ago

If cutting emissions is the big goal - why put up PT fares ?

Todd Niall Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi Neighbours, Auckland is this year getting serious about reducing carbon emissions. Transport is the city's biggest single emitter. So how does it make sense to hike public transport fares? Read the story below:

9 hours ago

Clothes dryer

Billy from St Heliers

$100 works great