124 days ago

Several Burglaries in the Epsom/Royal Oak Area

Sergeant Smith from Newmarket Community Policing Team

Attention Neighbours.

Police Intel has noticed several day time and early evening burglaries in the Epsom/Royal Oak area.

In most cases the offender(s) have gained entry by smashing either a bedroom or living room window and reaching through to break the lock/latch.

The offender(s) are targeting passports, jewellery and small electronics.

Our Tactical Crime Unit is investigating and Front-line Police will be deployed to the area.

Police need neighbours in the area to be on the lookout.

Please be on alert for any vehicles or persons that you suspect maybe looking into/or coming on to your property.

Please make a note of the vehicle and registration, and the description of the persons and their actions.

Don't be afraid to call 111.

Your call may prevent yourself or a neighbour becoming a victim.

Stay Safe


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Chris from Royal Oak

Will Pay don't expect free.
Thanks in advance.
PM Me please

6 hours ago

Annual Budget

The Team from Auckland Council

The economic impact of COVID-19 means together we need to make some tough decisions about Auckland’s budget; like the rates we pay and what we spend our money on.

Auckland’s Emergency Budget proposal is now open for your feedback until midnight Friday 19 June. Click through to find out more or call 09 301 0101.
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Just what you need, right nearby

Four Square

Hot chicken and fresh salad 4 the easy dinner? Apples and a loaf of bread 4 the lunchbox panic? Bacon and eggs 4 breakfast in bed?

Whether it’s easy munches, school lunches or Sunday brunches, your Four Square has everything you need to keep life nice, easy and local.

Four Square. Just what you need, right nearby.
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