62 days ago

What do you think of Auckland's election billboards?

Josephine Franks Reporter from Central Leader

Suddenly you can't move in Auckland for massive billboards plastered with wannabe politicians and their not-so-catchy slogans.

Lots are bad, but some are worse - so we've compiled an unscientific and non-exhaustive ranking.

Have you seen any particularly good (or bad) billboards? Let us know in the comments (add NFP if you don't want it published).

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5 hours ago

Public transport: How does Auckland compare to other cities?

Brittany Keogh Reporter from Central Leader

Hi neighbours, Poor public transport is among the most pressing challenges facing Auckland's tourism industry, multiple studies have found.
Auckland Transport hopes a new public transport system to the airport will help solve the problem. What do you think of Auckland's public transport? How does it compare to other cities you've visited? What should be done to improve it?

11 hours ago

Poll: Growing food in school.

Amanda Loots from NumberWorks'nWords Royal Oak

Should this be part of your child's school curriculum?

Growing food in school.
  • 92% Yes
    92% Complete
  • 8% No
    8% Complete
75 votes
7 hours ago

What's On: Workplace Harassment and Bullying

Auckland from Grey Lynn

A relaxed and informal awareness-raising session for women about workplace harassment and bullying.
Workplace Harassment and Bullying
  • Auckland Women's Centre