44 days ago

Tiny Tot Groovers Fundraising Disco

Katherine from Mount Wellington

Face painting, candy floss, popcorn and snow cones available at $2, tickets available at the door. (sorry no Eftpos) Drama Queens thanks the Orakei Local Board for supporting our fundraising event which helps us provide low cost and free of charge activities available through out the community.


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18 minutes ago

FAQ about Hypnotherapy

Owner from Balance for Life

Hi all
Summer is looming and I have been getting more requests for weight management Hypnotherapy.
I would like to take the opportunity here to answer some of the questions I get:

Can you make me do things I don’t want?
No. Not even the most skilled hypnotherapist could make you do something that you don’t want to do or is against your moral/ ethics. You would get out of the hypnotic trance if I would suggest something that is against your values.

How many sessions will it take?
That depends on a few factors:
Motivation. The higher or stronger your motivation the better. It needs to be important to you to change otherwise nothing will change. A strong motivator will keep you on track.
Stress factors at home and daily living.
The issue: for example “Weight management “takes much longer and is more tricky than “ freedom of smoking”

What does Hypnotherapy help with?
Anything that stress makes worse. Basically it helps you to change unwanted patterns, habits or behaviour without yearlong therapy. It’s like changing the software that was driving a habit and replacing it with one that is desired.

What is Hypnotherapy?
Hypnotherapy uses the conscious mind to get to the more powerful subconscious mind bypassing the critical conscious mind to help you to achieve your desired goals. It’s the temporary suspension of disbelief by keeping the conscious occupied then talking to the subconscious which likes dream language and metaphors and is a bit like a child.

Can anyone be hypnotised?
Yes, any mentally healthy person can and most mentally challenged can too. In fact we all go into trance regularly; in front of the TV, reading a book, driving home, before falling asleep and just after waking. Those are all natural trance states and we go in and out those states several times a day.

Can I learn to hypnotise myself?
Yes. When you have a Hypnotherapy sessions with me you will also learn how to hypnotise yourself . I think it’s such a valuable skill to have and I like to empower my clients.

24 minutes ago

Get summer ready-Full body spray tan now only $40.

Monica Cossey from La Bella Beauty

B. Gorgeous spray tan is proudly made in New Zealand using ingredients that accentuate the skins natural beauty,including moisturising antioxidants and natural argon oils. Call/sms Monica on 02102275339.

1 day ago

Buy a car

Carina from Remuera

I'm looking for buy a cheap car for my sister, would like to know if anyone have a small car to sell!