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12 hours ago

Athletics registrations open now for 3-14 years - join us!

Jody Bews-Hair from Eastern Athletics & Harriers Club

Our first Club night is Tues 27 October, and registrations are open now to join Eastern Athletics Club. We have a fun learning programme for juniors (3-6) and coaching and competitions for our seniors (7-14).

4 days ago

Be our next face!

Muneeb from Social Driving Academy

Kia Ora everyone!

We are currently updating our website and are seeking a couple of aspiring models to be our next faces for imagery on our website!

In exchange for a about an hour of your time, we will gift you a gift card for a two-hour driving lesson that you can use to either get you started with driving or to help you towards a driving test!

If you are interested, please comment below! Winners will be announced when Auckland's level 2.5 restrictions are lifted.

#SeekingModels #BeOurNextFace #WebsiteUpdate

37 minutes ago

Coronavirus is more of a reason to sort out the stadia

Todd Niall Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi Neighbours, It's easy to say things shouldn't be done because we need to focus on Covid-19 elimination, but maybe that's more of an argument to sort out the stadium plan. Read the story below.