585 days ago

Recent spate of residential burglaries

Todd Martin from Newmarket Community Policing Team

Hi There,

Due to a recent spate of residential burglaries in the central/east Auckland area in which multi-story buildings are being targeted, police would like to remind the public about locking doors and windows even in high rise apartments and keeping valuables such as jewellery and small electronic items out of sight when not in use.

Please keep your garden sheds and garages locked and ensure ladders are stored away and scaffolding is not easily accessible.

It’s also important to report suspicious activity as soon as possible, as many burglars will spend time scoping out properties beforehand.

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4 days ago

People is not taking COVID-19 level 4 serious

Milena from Remuera

Hi Neighbours!

My husband is an essential worker and he was very surprised when he was driving and saw lots of people walking in the streets at Remuera (he saw elders too). He said it looks like a day without car, but people outside.
I know we can go out to have some air but there is not point if everybody go out at the same time and don’t take the 2 meters distance! (Just saying)
The PM said act like you have COVID-19..
if we don’t help each other the quarantine is going to be longer.
Take care and stay safe

36 minutes ago

April Challenge Month

NumberWorks'nWords Remuera

April is NumberWorks’nWords Challenge month.

From Monday to Friday, you can find your challenge here:

Junior Challenge


Intermediate Challenge


Senior Challenge


Answers will be posted the following day.

See you on the 1st of April.