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1 day ago

Who will Goff pick as his "cabinet" ?

Todd Niall Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi Neighbours, Phil Goff arrived back to work to an emptied office on Monday, to start work on his second term as mayor. He has to choose who will be his key lieutenants - the chairs of the main committees. Do you think he should also put councillors back on the board of Auckland Transport? See the story below:

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2 hours ago

Looking for cassette/audio tape player

Nathalie from St Heliers

An lovely elderly lady I know is looking for a tape player to listen to her French cassettes. Her old player has just stopped working and she can't buy one from anywhere. If you have one that you no longer use/need, she said she'd be happy to buy it as long as it works well. Please PM me if you are able to help. Thank you, Nathalie

2 hours ago

Home Budget

Tamaki Budgeting from Tamaki Budgeting

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