36 days ago

Moving company

Kirsten from Parnell

Hi can anyone recommend a good moving company. Thanks in advance. Kirsten

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17 minutes ago

Poll: Do you intend to vote in the upcoming local council elections?

The team from Neighbourly.co.nz

It will soon be time to have your say on who represents your community by voting in the 2019 local elections. Do you intend to vote?

Do you intend to vote in the upcoming local council elections?
  • 0% Yes definitely, democracy is vital
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  • 0% Maybe, I'm struggling to find anyone I want to vote for
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  • 0% No, I just can't be bothered with local councils
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5 hours ago

Become a Dementia Friend

Alzheimers NZ

Almost every Kiwi whānau is affected by dementia at some point. Maybe a family member or one of your friends or workmates has dementia?

September 21 is World Alzheimers Day – a day we can all take a moment to help people with dementia. Over 17 million people have joined Dementia Friends worldwide. So why not you?

Learn how you can help in simple and small ways. Wear a badge. Take time to listen. Pop over for a cuppa. It only takes 20 minutes online.

Show your support and help people with dementia to live well too. Join Dementia Friends today.
Learn More

3 days ago

Baby sitting

Anne-Marie from Epsom

I am looking for babysitting/nannying jobs. $18/hr. I am willing to travel. I am very experienced with children. I have my full licence so am happy to pick children up too. Feel free to message me for more info.

- worked in daycare for the past 3 years and currently still do part-time
- Eldest of 5 children
- Previous babysitting jobs
- Studying to be a primary school teacher