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Handy Tips

The Team from Wee Jobs

Check out our top 4 tips for keeping safe in this rough weather.

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Clean and empty all recycling items

The Team from Auckland Council

Learn what to do with your recycling before you place it in your recycling bin. All items to be recycled need to be clean and empty. Always remember when recycling if in doubt, leave it out.


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Auckland Council cracks down on scrap metal dumping

Caryn Wilkinson Reporter from Community News

A company which dumped scrap metal in South Auckland without resource consent has been ordered by Auckland Council to clean up its act.

Compliance officers have issued two abatement notices stopping the firm from importing the material to 30 Great South Rd Takanini and ordering removal of the metal.

Officers were acting on a complaint made at the end of April that a large pile of scrap had been dumped.

The land was being leased and the scrap stored there temporarily, while the company cleaned its main site in Onehunga.

Auckland Council’s GM Licensing and Regulatory Services James Hassall said the company had until June 10 to comply with the abatement notices.

“If they fail to comply, the council would consider taking further action including prosecution under the Resource Management Act, which carries a maximum penalty of $600,000 for a company,” he said.

Residents who see dumped rubbish are urged to call 0800 NO DUMP (0800 66 3867) or email inthebin@aklc.govt.nz

2 days ago

✨1st Home Dreams✨

Bob Lemalu from 'The Peoples Agent' - Bob Lemalu

Just wanted to say a huge (and delayed) CONGRATULATIONS to the amazing and wonderful Fanguna family, on fulfiling their dream of purchasing their first whare!

Your patience and perseverance has been well rewarded - well done guys 🙏🏼

Thank you for allowing me to help you realise this goal for you.
All the very best in your new crib!🏡

#thepeoplesagent #mangere1st #ATRealty #TYJ