36 days ago

When buying stuff

Dave from Mount Wellington

Hi there neighbours,

Just a quick rant. I keep noticing when people are wanting to buy items on here, there’s only a few people and maybe the odd person who would continuously say they want to buy and then when you ask them if they want to pick up, they always have some excuse.

People if you don’t have the $$$ or have no intentions in picking up please try to refrain yourself from commenting or sending a message asking to lower the price and then not want to pick up.

Thank you

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5 hours ago

Mt Wellington Residents Association

Denise Lee from Denise Lee MP

Hi everyone, this Friday I am hosting a meeting that scopes interest in a Mt Wellington Residents Association.

If you’re interested in being part of a group that addresses local Mt Wellington issues and acts as a local resident’s voice for our community, please do come along.

When: Friday 20 September, 7pm
Where: Te Ao Ngakau Community Centre (Mt Wellington Community Church)

Drinks and nibbles to follow.

13 hours ago

Is AT putting the brakes on speed limit cuts?

Todd Niall Reporter from Manukau Courier

Auckland Transport's board may drop all or some of the planned speed restrictions on nearly 800 Auckland roads. Some might not make sense but if a lot are dropped following consultation, how can Aucklanders be sure that it not simply because a reduction is unpopular? Read the story below:

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8 hours ago

New blog post: Neighbourly in the news!

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

We love seeing Neighbourly members mentioned in the news - and we've seen a few in the last few months. From a Neighbourly group that has united the masses right through to a neighbourhood who rallied to deliver a 250kg piano to two blind sisters - there is a lot of good going on in Neighbourly communities around the country. You can read about them right here in our latest blog post.