198 days ago

When buying stuff

Dave from Mount Wellington

Hi there neighbours,

Just a quick rant. I keep noticing when people are wanting to buy items on here, there’s only a few people and maybe the odd person who would continuously say they want to buy and then when you ask them if they want to pick up, they always have some excuse.

People if you don’t have the $$$ or have no intentions in picking up please try to refrain yourself from commenting or sending a message asking to lower the price and then not want to pick up.

Thank you

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13 minutes ago

Maths Problem

NumberWorks'nWords Manukau

Can your 10 year old do this problem?

20 minutes ago

Leaving dogs to roam & fencing issues - a plea

Lucinda Neighbourly Lead from Mangere

Dear Neighbours,

I’m making a plea to those of you have dogs to please, please check they are safely on your property when you are in or go out. I don’t mean chaining them 24/7 but just ensure they have shelter, clean water and are safe from people who may steal them and can’t get over, under or through fences and gates. If you have no fencing, keep them indoors.

This especially includes dogs where gates or fencing are inappropriate to their needs. I spend far too much time chasing stray dogs only to find the properties they live on are inadequate to council requirements to keep them safely on your property.

You may THINK they don’t get out but the number of times I’ve followed them home to find they’re getting through broken fences, broken or unlocked gates or even no fencing.

They are a danger to themselves, traffic and potentially others. If no desexed they give rise to more unwanted puppies on the street. They can be picked up by cruel people to be used for baiting or by animal control who will fine you for their return. They can get lost, injured by cars or stolen.

As always, the safest place for dogs is in your home but if you keep them outside don’t chain them and don’t let them roam. Contain your pets and look after their welfare.

PLEASE, for the sake of your dog/s, the community, your pocket and my sanity - CHECK YOUR DOGS ARE SAFE AND CANT ESCAPE YOUR PROPERTY.

Thanks for your consideration. :)

2 days ago


The Team from SPCA - Auckland Centre

SPCA Doggy Daycare is here to help! 🐕🐩🐕‍🦺

Located at our brand new centre in Hobsonville, SPCA Doggy Daycare combines state-of-the-art, purpose-built facilities with the expertise and care of our SPCA canine carers to create the ideal home away from home for dogs and puppies of all shapes and sizes!

We are proud to provide a safe and loving environment where all dogs can thrive and have fun, while you have the peace of mind that they are being given the best of care.

With a carefully crafted timetable, your pup will have time for play, relaxation and socialization, all while being constantly supervised!

All proceeds go towards helping SPCA animals find loving forever homes 💖

SPCA Doggy Daycare is open Mon-Fri 7am-6.30pm, with plenty of parking for easy pick-up and drop-off!

To find out more, contact our staff on 09 869 6700 or at hobsonville.doggydaycare@spca.nz 🐶