27 days ago

WATCH: Union

The Team from Play Stuff

Hi Neighbours with the Rugby World Cup kicking off this weekend watch this Play Stuff short doco.

Young Māori Jared James finds himself living in a self-imposed exile from his home in New Zealand. Struggling with cultural isolation in Japan, he tackles the challenges of an unfamiliar city using the universal language of rugby.
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1 day ago

Women Wine & Wood Workshop Saturday 19th Oct

Lynn from Red Beach

We have a few spots left for the workshop this weekend if you are keen to join us for an afternoon of creative fun.

Choose from an exciting range of rustic home decor projects to make for yourself or gift to someone special.
Christmas is getting close and we have a great range of personalised gifts.

Check out our website: womenwineandwood.co.nz...

2 days ago

volunteers for practice emotional freedom technique

Robin from Dr Robin

hi all

I am looking for volunteers for an EFT session. I'm a therapist and i'm training in eft and need 8 more volunteers to make my 50 hours for this part of the certification. i have been in mental health and addictions since 1985 in four countries. EFT stands for emotional freedom technique and it is process in which you tap on energy meridians on your body top of the head, face, top of chest near the neck and under the arm. you do it and follow me. please google for more information and contact me for queries and interests. There has been a lot of research in this area for depression, anxiety, addictions, physical illness etc. FREE during this training time. Please see my website www.drrobin.co.nz... for my credentials and please contact me robinjepson15@gmail.com i also do private non EFT sessions in Torbay.we will do a zoom (similar to skype) session at a convenient time.

2 days ago

Does Neighbourly work ?

Diana from Silverdale

Wanting to know if people find they get a good response to questions or selling items etc on Neighbourly. Thanks 🤔🤔🤔