55 days ago

Looking for recommendations for an Electrician

Amanda from Pinehill

- need to replace a dodgy old electrical board in my house - anyone done a similar thing? Thanks very much in advance for your time.

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2 days ago

Does Neighbourly work ?

Diana from Silverdale

Wanting to know if people find they get a good response to questions or selling items etc on Neighbourly. Thanks 🤔🤔🤔

21 days ago

Retired Driving Instructor available for driving lessons

Steve from Albany

I established and used to own a well known Auckland Driving School. As a neighbourly gesture, I can take anyone for a one hour lesson in their own car for $39 per hour.

For more info call Steve on Ph: 0273430869. Please feel free to ask any questions.During driving lessons we will do 1: Driver observation and signalling at roundabouts 2: Lane changing procedures 3: Forward Parking 4: Three point turns 5: Reverse Parallel Parking Procedures 6 : Flush Median Procedures 7: Gap Selection 8: 50k - 60k and motorway driving etc. Bookings fill fast as I only do a few lessons a week.

3 hours ago

What's On: Matakana Hall Market

Lynda from Manly

Another beautiful selection of local craft, Vintage collectibles etc. Designer clothing, produce and plants. Come along to see something unique and different. All enquires welcome. ph 0272522194.
Matakana Hall Market
  • Matakana Hall