441 days ago

Aucklanders warned to brace for tornadoes, thunderstorms and power cuts

Brittany Keogh Reporter from East & Bays Courier

Hi neighbours, Vector has warned Auckland residents to prepare for tornadoes, thunderstorms and gales that could lead to power cuts during the next 24 to 36 hours. The company says people should charge their devices and power banks, tie down objects that could be swept up in strong winds, such as BBQs or trampolines, and make sure they had a torch and spare batteries handy, as well as alternative fuel for cooking.

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10 hours ago

What local business will you be supporting in Alert Level 3?

Ripu Bhatia Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Auckland will shift down to alert level 3 lockdown at midnight tonight.

Businesses will be able to operate using contactless options for ordering, pick-up, delivery and payment.

The financial blow of Covid-19 lockdowns on business has been harsh.

Are you planning to support a local business in alert level 3, and if so which one?

3 days ago

Milano fennel and giant red mustard seeds

Diana from Mount Eden

I have heaps of milano fennel( like florence fennel) and giant red mustard seeds to give away. They are both easy to grow. Let me know if you would like some and I can leave them in my letter box, now if you are strolling by, or after lockdown.

10 hours ago

Introvert Wellbeing Workshop

Talia Scarborough from The New Think

Kia ora everyone!

UPDATE: 2 more dates available for the
🌟Introvert Wellbeing Workshop🌟
- Saturday 25th September 10am-12pm
- Saturday 2nd October 10am-12pm

EARLY BIRD tickets selling now - Get in quick!!

Do you enjoy solitude and reflection?
Do people tell you you’re a "good listener"?
Do you find small talk draining?
But enjoy deep meaningful conversations with close friends?
If so, you may be an introvert!

1 out of every 2 people is introverted so chances are, you are one or you're the partner/parent/sibling/friend/coworker of one (so this is relevant to you too!)

WHAT's in this workshop:
1. Intro to the psychological concepts of introversion and extroversion
2. Unpacking the extrovert ideal (and how this impacts introverts)
3. Empowering and practical tips on how to thrive as an introvert
4. Food for thought: little introverts and the education system

WHY attend this workshop?
We live in a society that is biased towards extroverted needs. As a result, introverts often find themselves feeling overtaxed, overwhelmed, or critical of their capabilities. This workshop is all about shedding light on the differences between extrovert and introvert personalities; giving you the info and tips to tailor your self-care and social interactions to suit your personality, and learn how to thrive as an introvert!

Click the link below for more info:
Or send me an email: hello.thenewthink@gmail.com
Website: www.facebook.com...