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11 hours ago

Help us protect 100 year old Oak trees @Parnell

Liliya from Parnell

The council has accepted the nomination to list these trees to schedule of notable trees. Now Summerset Developments are rushing down to cut down these trees without providing any public nor neighbour notice, before they can be protected.
Auckland Council declared climate emergency, but still lets developers ruthlessly cut down MATURE HEALTHY TREES as they wish.

We have created petition to urge Auckland Council to enforce their Urban Ngahere Strategy. Please consider supporting us.

3 days ago

Hazy weekend for New Zealand.. again

Caroline Williams Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hazy skies caused by the tragic Australian bush fires are set to linger this weekend.
Northwesterly winds have blown a hazy plume of smoke across the Tasman Sea, and while it has mostly affected the South Island in recent weeks, it has moved up the country.
The "robust plume" is expected to head to the South Island late on Saturday.
The haze has been causing a yellowish-orange, hue at sunset, making for some sweet sunset photos. Share your photos in the comments!
(Our photo is of the sun setting over the Waitākere Ranges, taken by visual journalist Ricky Wilson.)

1 day ago

Stop Selling Cigarettes

Nick from Mount Eden

If supermarkets want to be environmentally responsible and care about peoples health then they should stop selling cigarettes. Removing plastic bags is not enough and pushes the cost onto the consumer hence why it was rolled out at all.