37 days ago

What do you think needs to be done about e-scooter safety?

Mandy Te Reporter from East & Bays Courier

Hi neighbours, a person is fighting for their life after an e-scooter accident. The accident took place in St Mary's Bay on Monday. One person has been taken to Auckland City Hospital with critical injuries. There have been ongoing talks since e-scooters have gained popularity in Auckland - do you think more seriously needs to be done to improve safety?

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18 hours ago

SkyCity Fire

Topline Trade Services Limited

Our sympathy goes out to everyone affected by the fire at Sky City.
As a contracting company we are mindful of the huge stress an incident like this places on all parties.
If the fire is caused, as speculated, from a torch used to heat and seal waterproofing material on a roof, we think it’s time for architects and specifiers to reconsider the use of bitumen-based building products on roofs. There are other superior products available, for example TPO Membranes, which don’t require naked flame burners for installation, thus eliminating fire risk and toxic fumes.
Maybe this is the wake up call required. Still, very sad for all involved!

8 days ago

Get fit for FREE!

Sarah Moore from Froot Camp

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13 hours ago

Car vandalised

Donna Neighbourly Lead from Mount Eden

I came home tonight to find some scum bag has vandalized my daughters car, which I was selling.
I had a buyer for this but do not know if I can get the paint off in time now.
I hope however did this gets their share of karma