33 days ago

Water connections to kitchen tap.

Yvonne from Epsom

Thank you,I just cant attach proper to tap.

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14 minutes ago

Street Numbers stolen from multiple properties on Victoria Ave.

Robyn from Remuera

I’ve just noticed the theft of loads of residents street numbers off their gates and fences. Scum low life’s who think it’s ok to thieve others property. SO sick of this. Mine not gone as gate intercom has really good security camera in it. Wonder if anybody has camera footage of these crims at work. It’s time the scrap metal dealers accepting this stolen property were taken to court & charged also. Hoping the one on TV other night that accepted grave plaques was charged & penalized as the thief woman got 2yrs in klink.

24 minutes ago

What's On: Growing Food in Small Spaces

Danielle from Henderson

Maximise your small space to grow fruit and vegetables! Join our free, interactive workshop and learn organic and semi-organic ways to produce edibles. Contact Aya (community@parnell.org.nz) to sign up.
Growing Food in Small Spaces
  • Parnell Farmers' Market
27 minutes ago

What's On: Live More, Waste Less Workshop

Danielle from Henderson

Learn practical tips on how to deal with household rubbish and make choices that reduce your rubbish output at this free, hands-on workshop. Contact Aya (community@parnell.org.nz) to sign up.
Live More, Waste Less Workshop
  • Parnell Farmers' Market