44 days ago

Carpet to new wood floor

Elizabeth from Carpet Repair Man Ltd

We were asked to fit the carpet to the new wood floor with angles all fitted by Grant Moon Carpet Repair Man Ltd

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29 minutes ago

Leave no-one Behind

The Team from Citizens Advice Bureau Eastern Bays

Sign our petition to end digital exclusion.

Citizens Advice Bureau Nga Pou Whakawhirinaki o Aotearoa is collecting signatures on Action Station.

Have you or someone you know ever tried to fill out a government form online?
How about doing that on your phone? And uploading documents to it?
What if your internet connection was limited? Or English wasn’t your first language? Or you were vision impaired? Or didn't have a credit card?

What if you needed help to understand, and what you really wanted was someone to talk to?

Consider the frustration this causes you and what it looks like when you’re made further vulnerable as you stare into the digital divide.

The digital-only or digital-first approach being embraced by government agencies is excluding some of Aotearoa’s most vulnerable people and communities. This is unacceptable. We want to see people’s needs put at the centre of public services and are asking candidates seeking election as our representatives in Parliament, to pledge to ensuring this is the case.

4 hours ago

Coronavirus is more of a reason to sort out the stadium

Todd Niall Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi Neighbours, It's easy to say things shouldn't be done because we need to focus on Covid-19 elimination, but maybe that's more of an argument to sort out the stadium plan. Read the story below.

2 hours ago

Sold in Mount Wellington: property sells for $1.23 million

Property Sale Alert from homes.co.nz

A Mount Wellington house at 340 Panama Road has sold for 52 per cent above the suburb's median capital value. It fetched $1.23 million, the median CV in Mount Wellington is $810,000.

The 104sqm home is smaller than most homes in Mount Wellington. The sale was finalised on July 27, 2020.

This information is courtesy of homes.co.nz. It becomes available as soon the sale is processed by the local council. This can sometimes take up to three months.