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NZ Red Cross

Always wanted to help New Zealand Red Cross?... now you can!

Our Red Cross Appeal is coming up and we would love your help. Can you spare an hour or two of your time to help vulnerable people in your community and overseas?

During 16-22 March 2020, we will have street collections around the country. We would love to have you on our team.
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More messages from your neighbours
23 minutes ago

What are the benefits of Lockdown

John from Saint Johns

Lets put a positive spin on this
1 My teenagers can not run they have to spend time with me
2 We are getting more quality time and quality food. Friday was Pizza Night here is one Prawn chicken and Bacon Pizza. Being lazy we use Wraps for the base
Sunday night was Venison Redwine Casserole we finally got around to using some of the lesser cuts. With some help from my sous chefs, we came up with a vegetable-laden creation. Still, have enough leftovers for another meal and we only used half the venison.
Anyone want the recipe sorry can't do it as it was a splash of this a dash of that and a sprinkle of this and a cup of leftover wine from Sat night date night

1 hour ago

FREE cat baby

Yogesh from Mount Wellington


I have spoken to Tracey at Mount Wellington Vet Care. I will drop thr babies to Mount Wellington Vet Care. If you are keen to adopt babies after the lockdown please get intouch with Tracey 09 527 7636. We are happy to pay for de-sexing when babies are ready


My neighbours cat has given birth for the 3rd time! We requested the neighbours to de-sex cat many times but nothing had been done. We have informed the neighbour to pick up the babies.

We are trying to report matter to SPCA but can't get thru. If you are keen for a cat baby please take and look after. She is very cute and deserves a loving home. Photo attached.

There might be more babies under my house. Pick up FREE from Mount Wellington. We will feed the babies/mother with milk and food. Please get intouch.

We can't keep the babies for long as we have a dog.

Thank you
022 6207 193.

5 hours ago

How your household is part of Covid-19s economic hit

Todd Niall Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi Neighbours, Everyone is being hit by the Level 4 lockdown, necessary to curb the spread of Coronvirus. For a simple look at how the economy is affected, I looked into our bubble's wallets. How is your household affected? Read the story below :