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23 minutes ago

What's On: St Peter's Onehunga Church Fair

Sarah from Mount Roskill

You are warmly invited to the St Peter's Church Fair. Call in before or after the Onehunga Santa Parade. Stalls include white elephant, books, baking, sausage sizzle, clothing and more.
St Peter's Onehunga Church Fair
  • St Peter's Church Onehunga
2 hours ago

Shopping Trolleys :(

Mubashir from Mount Roskill

There are few places I keep finding these every time at same spots. They're quiet far from the supermarkets so I don't think people push them all the way. I guess they stuff these in their cars and drive off. Irresponsible behavior and repeat offenders?

6 hours ago

Cheaper Courier (International)

Mubashir from Mount Roskill

Has anyone used a cheap and reliable courier company recently to send one document over? I went to NZ post and they're charging $92 to send one A4 envelope with 4 pages in it to United Arab Emirates. If I have to send 10 similar ones I better get a ticket and hop on the plane 😂😂