134 days ago

Community Fitness/Morning group weekdays - Royal Oak - Jellicoe Park - One Tree hill

Sonnyeo from Royal Oak

Hi Neighbours, thinking of starting a community fitness group (if there isnt one already) to get to know the community and work on health together. Thinking 6am - 7am 2-3 days a week. This would be FREE and would involve boxfit, stretches, walking and excercises suitable for all ages and abilities. Would anyone be interested in joining or have any other suggestions?

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21 days ago

Mt Eden road/ three kings

Yash Neighbourly Lead from Three Kings

Now akin to craters of the moon in parts.Auckland Transport does not do enough to fix this, even though ive emailed and complained several times.Last year i emailed Michael wood ,Mp for the area and he followed up with AT. they said they would fix it but nothings being done.Shameful state of affairs, but they want to increase prices/rates/ bus fares for all of these things.

3 hours ago

Everything you need to know about the latest fruit fly discovery

Sarah Reporter from Stuff

Hey neighbours,

Ōtara is in a fruit and vegetable lockdown after a facialis fruit fly was found.

It's the first time this particular fruit fly - which is native to Tonga - has been found in New Zealand, and it could be devastating to crops.

How has the fruit fly discovery affected you? Are you worried about purchasing local fruit and veges from the area? Will you still go to the Ōtara markets this weekend?

To find out how to spot the facialis fruit fly, and what to do if you see one, click here.

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2 hours ago

What's On: Tomorrow's Schools Review

Kristen from Newmarket

Public meeting to review proposed changes to way local schools are governed.  Presentations from the Chair of the Taskforce and three other speakers. Opportunity to ask questions.  Hosted by MP David Seymour
Tomorrow's Schools Review
  • Holy Trinity Cathedral