373 days ago

Community Fitness/Morning group weekdays - Royal Oak - Jellicoe Park - One Tree hill

Sonnyeo from Royal Oak

Hi Neighbours, thinking of starting a community fitness group (if there isnt one already) to get to know the community and work on health together. Thinking 6am - 7am 2-3 days a week. This would be FREE and would involve boxfit, stretches, walking and excercises suitable for all ages and abilities. Would anyone be interested in joining or have any other suggestions?

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6 days ago

Halloween's Trick 'o Treatin'

Liz from Mount Eden

Anyone getting involved in the spirit of trick or treating? Front of our house gets the annual Halloween do-up during the Term 3 school holidays. Has become increasingly popular on our street (shout out to Burnley Terrace). Can't WAIT. I LOVE it.

Thoughts on Halloween, you fine humans?


4 hours ago

Do you rent in Auckland?

Jo Haywood Reporter from Homed

Finding a decent place to live for a reasonable rent is no mean feat, especially in Auckland. So if you've done it, we'd love to know how.

Emily French endured several fruitless viewings before finding a place in Mount Albert and says she's forever grateful to the "random couple and their cat" who took her in while she was looking. You can find out more, including how much rent Emily pays and what she gets for it, here.

Do you have a story you'd like to share for our Rooms to Rent series? We're looking for individuals, couples or families who are renting in and around Auckland to share their experiences.

Email homed@stuff.co.nz to tell us a bit about your place and we'll be in touch.

3 days ago

What's your message to the newly elected Auckland councillors?

Brittany Keogh Reporter from Central Leader

Hi neighbours, As Phil Goff is elected as Auckland mayor for a second three year term, a North Shore couple have a message for the incoming councillors and local board: invest in infrastructure over cutting rates. What issues would you like to see the council take action on this term in your community? Please write NFP if you don't want your comment used in stories.