20 days ago

People not wearing masks on public transport

Neeta from Mount Albert

In this pandemic situation, rules are meant to be followed, for your own safety, and if you are considerate, for others as well. Is it that hard to have some kind of face covering while travelling?
On the bus I took home this afternoon- there was a group of 4-5 passengers chatting away loudly, NONE of them had any face coverings on. Every other passenger and the driver had it on. I just got annoyed and moved to a different seat.
Level 2.5 restrictions include mandatory face coverings on public transport, but who will monitor people who flout the rules?
AT staff are unable to do this- so is it up to the passengers to handle the situation, or just get off and take another bus perhaps? What is the immediate practical solution, before we hit a setback on the number of cases?
I might try and contact AT and see what they say, not expecting a prompt response though!

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1 day ago

NZTA warns it could close the Auckland Harbour Bridge during storm

Caroline Williams Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi neighbours. Transport authorities have pulled double-decker buses from the Auckland Harbour Bridge and are warning it could close completely during a massive storm forecast for much of the country. this weekend.

MetService previously said travel disruptions are likely this weekend, as severe gales, heavy rain and big waves batter the country, followed by cold Antarctic air bringing snow to low levels in the deep south.

Meteorologists believe the storm could be “one of the most widespread severe weather events this year”.

Waka Kotahi New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) general manager of transport services Brett Gliddon advised motorcyclists and those driving high-sided vehicles to avoid the bridge.

2 hours ago

Wanted Free Fruit Trees

Albie from Point Chevalier

Just 1or2 Lemon, Lime, Feijoa, PLEASE. I'm prayer of what ever offered. Thank you in advance, the CW Cancer Warrior

5 days ago

13 year old son looking for odd jobs/work

Johnny from Point Chevalier

Hi there, our son is fit and reliable and looking to earn some extra pocket money $$. Anything considered, especially lawns, garden care, deliveries or anything really. Any ideas welcome too. Cheers!