27 days ago

Poll: Will you be using trains to get to work this morning?

Caroline Williams Reporter from Stuff

Hi Aucklanders. Auckland Transport suffered a 30 minute train suspension across the network due to a KiwiRail signalling fault yesterday. It was the second time in a week that trains were non-operational, network wide. Auckland Mayor Phil Goff said the delays were "not good enough". He asked KiwiRail if its infrastructure was fit for purpose. KiwiRail has promised an independent review into the recent signal faults.
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Will you be using trains to get to work this morning?
  • 25.1% No - The network is becoming unreliable
    25.1% Complete
  • 17.3% Yes - Trains are faster than being stuck in traffic even if they're unreliable
    17.3% Complete
  • 2.1% Undecided - Tell us in the comments
    2.1% Complete
  • 55.5% No - I don't use trains
    55.5% Complete
375 votes
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8 days ago

Good places for breakfast?

Sarah Neighbourly Lead from Remuera

Hey neighbours - I've lived in Remmers for about 10 years but tend to head to the same cafés for breakfast and I'm looking to explore some new spots. Any recommendations? (Will travel for a good brekkie and partial to a good French Toast!) Thanks

11 hours ago

Owner's warning after dog nearly dies after eating rat poison

Stacey Reporter from Stuff

Hi neighbours,

An Auckland dog owner is warning of the dangers rat bait can cause after her beloved pet nearly died after ingesting it twice.

Tracy Leach said her 8-year-old golden retriever Daisy first got sick about four weeks ago on their rural property in Glenbrook, south of Auckland.

She bounced back pretty quickly but Leach started to notice she was vomiting constantly and consuming a lot of water - causing her to take Daisy back to the vet.

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1 hour ago

Eastern Bays Property Market Snapshot

Kim Thompson from Kim Thompson - Ray White

Hi All,
My latest Eastern Suburbs Market Update (June '19 Sales & Statistics) is now available and will be distributed over the next few days.
If you are interested in the local property market and would like a copy - delivered straight to your inbox or letterbox - please contact me - I'm always happy to help.
Best regards,
Kim - 021 048 7171