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Poll: What do you think of plans to restrict trawl fishing in the Hauraki Gulf?

Melanie Earley Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Kia ora neighbours, trawl fishing will be restricted and marine protection areas will be expanded almost threefold under a new plan to protect Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf.

Do you think the new restrictions are a good idea?


What do you think of plans to restrict trawl fishing in the Hauraki Gulf?
  • 96.2% Yes it will help marine life
    96.2% Complete
  • 3.8% No it's too strict
    3.8% Complete
793 votes
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Apprenticeship opportunities in Auckland.


Hey Auckland! We are back with more apprenticeship opportunities listed on our online job board!

Do you know someone who might be interested in this opportunity? Find out more at the links below.

Light Fabrication - Furniture
Sheet Metal Fabrication Apprentice
Apprenticeship Fabrication - Steel Construction

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Onewa Road Updates

John Gillon from John Gillon - Kaipatiki Local Board

Here are a few updates on Onewa Road:

* T3 Cameras: There has been a delay with the installation of the T3 cameras due to an issue getting power to the sites. Vector contractors will be working on this from late-July to mid-August. The cameras should then be live from mid- to late-August. For the first 3 weeks, warning letters will be sent to anyone breaching the T3 rules.

* Clearway: The result of the clearway public consultation was strongly in favour of a clearway. Auckland Transport are due to present the detailed results to the Kaipātiki Local Board soon.

* Red light cameras: I've been asked by a number of people for red light cameras at the intersection of Onewa Rd/Lake Rd due to vehicles running the red and endangering children crossing the road to/from Northcote Primary School. Auckland Transport have advised me that red light cameras are managed by the Police and they have asked the Police to consider installing cameras at this site.

* Traffic light phasing for Onewa Rd/Lake Rd and Onewa Rd/Queen St: I've been contacted by people frustrated that morning traffic turning from Lake Rd onto Onewa Rd are being blocked for several cycles of the traffic lights by Onewa Road traffic that is stopped at the the Queen St intersection. Auckland Transport say: "Auckland Transport have looked at these two staged intersections and have chosen a specific phasing combination to keep Onewa Road flowing, as it is a strategically important corridor for buses. Furthermore, we have already allowed more green time for those coming from Lake Road but are limited by prioritising Onewa Road. Currently, we will not be making any changes to the traffic light phasing at the intersections of Queen Street and Onewa Road and Lake Road and Onewa Road."

Photo credit: NZ Herald.

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August eNews out now!

Holly Houston from Devonport Peninsula Trust

Our August eNews is out now, follow the link below for all the latest.
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