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Poll: Do record low mortgage interest rates affect you?

Mike from Riverstone Financial Services

This week ANZ announced a special 1 year fixed interest rate of 3.95%, the lowest in 70 years. Would this make a difference to your mortgage payments and help your monthly budget?

Do record low mortgage interest rates affect you?
  • 61.1% Yes - It would help a lot!
    61.1% Complete
  • 27.8% No- Doesn't affect me
    27.8% Complete
  • 11.1% I don't know, help me decide
    11.1% Complete
18 votes
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13 hours ago


Keith from Panmure

From the Panmure Community Action Group

New boundary changes proposed by the Electoral Commission could see Panmure, along with parts of Glen Innes, Mount Wellington and Otahuhu, carved off the Maungakiekie Parliamentary electorate and stuck on to the Manukau East electorate with Papatoetoe and Otara in South Auckland.

The new boundary would create a strange, elongated electorate stretching all the way from Maybury Reserve in Glen Innes to Puhinui Road at Clover Park - sticking together neighbourhoods and towns with no clear connections or community of interest.

Some of the more bizarre consequences of the proposed boundary change would be:

Panmure Town Centre goes to Manukau East electorate, while Panmure Railway Station and Mountain Road, Forge Way and Mountwell Crescent stay in Maungakiekie.

Everything west of Jellicoe Road and the railway line remains in Maungakiekie, while everything to the west as far as the Tamaki River goes to Manukau East.

Notably, in the overall list of proposals for boundary changes in Auckland, the more favoured electorates of Tamaki, Epsom, Auckland Central, Mt Albert, Pakuranga and Botany remain completely untouched, while Maungakiekie's reward for shedding Panmure, Glen Innes and parts of Mount Wellington and Otahuhu is to gain Royal Oak to the west. Likewise, Mt Roskill electorate gains more territory to its west to replace Royal Oak.

In all of the above cases, the more favoured electorates will enjoy a largely consistent community of interest and territorial integrity. Only Panmure and its northern and southern neighbours are to be carved off and stuck to an entirely separate electorate - in what used to be another city completely - with which it has no history or community of interest.

Links to the Electoral Commission's plans can be found here: vote.nz...

The proposals are open for submission until December 20.

Please share this as widely as possible with friends, family and neighbours in Panmure.

Keith Sharp


For and on behalf of the committee of the Panmure Community Action Group.

Email: pcagmembers@gmail.com

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Laurelmay from Panmure

Hi there , looking fr a bbq pls msg me if u have one available x

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Outdoor furniture

Devanshi from Meadowbank

Bit of rust on the chair being left outside

Pick up Meadowbank