64 days ago

Anti-Semitic and fanatical spam in my letterbox

Zoe from Remuera

Hi neighbours,

I received a nasty bit of junk mail in my letterbox this morning and I wanted to see if anyone knew what organisation it can from.

I've attached a pic of the front cover and the booklet entails the coming apocalypse of the USA. I won't go into details, but it goes into great detail about why Jewish people are to blame. Really lovely to receive >.>

More annoying is that there is no indentifying features of an organisation and readers are encouraged to copy and distribute "in any manner they choose".

Any advice on what I can do to get this trite out of my neighbourhood would be greatly appreciated.

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What's On: Growing Food in Small Spaces

Danielle from Henderson

Paul Crowhurst teaches us about the best plants to grow in your small space. Learn about soils, fertilisers and pests control in this FREE workshop.
Growing Food in Small Spaces
  • Parnell Farmers' Market
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winter clothing

Teresa from Point England

hi neighbours near and far has anyone got any girls size 3 track suites or gum boots size 4 to help my 20 month granddaughter thanks