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Contacting Police Regarding Suspicious persons or vehicles

Sergeant Smith from Newmarket Community Policing Team


I have received some feedback about police not attending some of your phone calls regarding suspicious vehicles, with some of you wondering why bother calling at all.

I understand it must be frustrating that you have taken the time to call police and for them not to attend, but there is always value in your call.

Here are a two examples of how important your phone calls are to police.

1. Last year I attended two burglaries in Epsom within about 20 minutes. An offender had been seen at both addresses and had run off. I looked at other calls made to police and read of a male who went up a driveway in Royal Oak for no reason. The male didn't do anything but the occupant thought it was strange, she took a photo of him from a distance and called police. Police had not attended the call at Royal oak as the offender had not really done anything but from the description of the offender from the burglaries and viewing the photograph it was obvious it was the same persons. Police quickly identified the offender and provided the burglary victims with montage. The victims identified the offender as the same person from Royal Oak. Police arrested him later that day and due to the strength of evidence bail was opposed and he is still currently in custody.

2. A member of the public calls police about a suspicious vehicle. Police do not attend but the call is logged in the police system and recorded against the vehicle's registration. Another member of the public calls two days later about the same suspicious vehicle. The call taker can see the call recorded from two days previous and how they are related. Now police communications can see that this vehicle needs police attention.

3. It is night time. There is a burglary in the Area. Police attend but the offender is on foot and jumping over fences into properties. A dog handler is tracking but has lost the dog has lost the scent. Neighbours start reporting noises from the back of the property. Police might not go to every property but from the calls we can see which way the offender is heading and deploy staff to cut him off.

There are many more examples of where calling police about suspicious vehicles or persons assists in investigations so please don't get put off by the fact that a police officer does not come to your house if you call.

Police have Intel analysis constantly looking for trends and opportunities along with Command Centres but our decisions need to be made on the information provided by the members of the public, community and neighbours.

Please call police if you see anything suspicious in your area, provide as much information as possible about why you think it is suspicious and the description of the person or vehicles.



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