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5 hours ago

What's On: Papatoetoe Probus Club Inc.

Jyostna from Totara Heights

Semi Retired and Retired folks are invited to a morning of Fun Friendship and Fellowship. Join us over a cup of tea and listen to interesting speakers. Contact Jyostna 0275721368
Papatoetoe Probus Club Inc.
  • Papatoetoe Cosmopolitan Club
6 hours ago

Black Miscellaneous Cupboards X 2

Roshanara from Papatoetoe

I have two cabinets for free, one as seen in the photo and another very similar. It is slightly different but the size is almost the same. The difference is that the second one has 3 shelves on the top only with two cupboards at the bottom. Am sorry, it was very difficult to take a photo. This one will need slight repairing. May need to change the drawer base (the inside) and few other tacking of nails/ screws.
The first cabinet is as seen in the photo.
Measurements are:
130cm (height) X 84cm (width) and 27cm (depth)
53cm (height) X 84cm(width) X 44cm (depth).

Pick up from Papatoetoe.

8 hours ago

Cutting small silk tree down.(No branches left on )

Graham from Weymouth

Need someone to give a reasonable quote to complete the cutting down of a silk tree in our front garden. I have removed all the main branches with my electric chainsaw. It's not up to cutting the larger parts though.will need logs cut into smaller size to fit fireplace for next year's Winter.
May need the stump poisoned also to prevent future growth. 0226762718 092673886. Graham .